Noah Emrich is an artist, designer and photographer raised in Massachusetts, he now lives in Brooklyn, NY with dreams of moving up the Hudson River far enough to see stars at night.

Noah has worked previously as a freelance photographer and style blogger, but now pursues making photos mainly as a creative practice and is currently working on his second photo book, Bountiful.

He is interested in human empathy, solidarity, collaboration, experience design, data for social good, alternative modes of exchange, alternative modes of organizing, media and journalism. He would like to find a way to explore and experience these fields through leveraging his design experience.

When he is not learning or making Noah daydreams about wilderness camping and decentralized infrastructures for renewable energy and internet access. Information should be free. Ideas should be freely spread.

Noah is the Art Director of Done To Death Publications where he works to help produce small run art books and zines. From publication design to print production he represents one half of the independent publisher.

Noah is also a road trip driver for hire.

If you would like to chat please feel free to email him:

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